born 1966 in Linz, lives and works in Vienna

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1987 – 94      University of Arts and Design, Linz (Prof.Helmuth Gsöllpointner)

1992 / 93       University of East London, ERASMUS, (Prof. Pascal Schöning)

1996 – 01      University Assistence, Space and Design

1998 – 02      Lecture (Theory of artistic design and visual perception)

since 2010     Lecture”Animation / Labor”, UFG Linz, Experimentelle Visuelle Gestaltung




1994 – 95      1 year grant for best diploma by Ministry of Culture and Education

1998              London – Residency scholarship for photography

2000 – 01      Schindler-scholarship for Los Angeles by Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

2002              City of Linz – scholarship for Los Angeles

2006              Artist Residency – Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

2007              Hilde Goldschmidt Award

2008              Government scholarship for Visual Arts

2012              Margret Bilger Award

2015              Gabriele Heidecker Award

2016              “Outstanding Artist Award” for movie/experimental movie
                       Best Film 2016 at “Asifa Austria One Day Animation Festival”

2017             Award of the state of Kärnten, Austrian Graphic Art Competition, Tirol


Jury/ Artists Talks/ Various Events


2018              Jury member at VIS / Vienna Shorts for ‘Animation Avandgarde’

2017              Jury member at “Best Austrian Animation”, 2017

2014              Talk University of Cologne, Intermedia, Institute of art and art theory

                      Catalogue presentation Secession Wien

2013              Board of the Association of Visual Artists, Secession Wien

                      Artist’s talk”Wild Wood”, Secession Wien

                      Catalogue presentation, Künstlerhaus Graz

2012              Talk with Eva Maria Stadler about the exhibition “Rainy Days”

2010              Interview Aviso, ORF feature about “WIR WOHNEN”, Kunstraum Niederösterreich

                       Interview Aviso, ORF feature about Tricky Women

                       Djane at the Opening of Triennale 1.0 at “OK-Centrum für Gegenwartskunst”

2009              Talk Videorama (Massimiliano Gioni, Rainer Ganahl, Axel Stockburger, Ian White, Angela Stief, Walter Seidl, Susi Jirkuff)

                       Preselection for the Festival “Tricky Woman 2010”

                       Ö1, “Von Tag zu Tag”, Moderator: Phillip Bloom, Waltraud Grausgruber, Susi Jirkuff

                       “Be Creative”, Presentation of Tricky Woman Special (with Mirjam Unger)

                       “Be Creative, Blind Date, EU-Year of Innovation and Creativity”

                       Radio FRO, Talk on “Monitoring Auwiesen”

2008               Design for Brochures and Folders of Klangforum Wien + VideoClips for Vienna Subway Infoscreen

                       Jury member at “Tricky Women” 2008 (with Maureen Furniss and Marjut Rimminen)          

                       “Talk Susanne Jirkuff and Katrin Plavcak”, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo,

2006               Workshop at University of Taipei, Art’s Institute and American Highschool, Art Department

2005               Kunsthalle Wien: Talk on occasion of an event at the Ursula Blickle Archive

                       Djane at “Lebt und arbeitet in Wien”

                       Talk on Radio Orange on “Lebt und arbeitet in Wien” (with Lucas Gehrmann)